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3/10/2018 The error in update script was removed and a new website design was introduced. There might be initial problems with new layout, as browsers keep stylesheets and javascript files cached. Don't worry, check the solution with google: how to force your browser to reload websites' resources. I use Opera and Shift+F5 works just fine. On other browsers Ctrl+F5 should work. On chrome, paste this into browsing bar in tab where you have HS opened: javascript:location.reload(true). This didn't work for me in android, Settings-Privacy-Erase browsing data will work. You need to select cached files for entire time, not browsing history and cookiestime, keep these. You can keep some of most visited websites data if you uncheck them aswell. If you find any bug please contact me.

15/9/2018 - after a recent game updates, the response time of the lite hs got extreme slow, causing my update script run out of time before it finishes. Due to this, I have readded the manual update option. Hopefully Jagex will resolve it's server problems soon. I am working on workaround for this issue.

23/02/2018 - after a longer time, I have managed to fix all dynamic parts of the website. Updates now work properly and gains by days section was wiped and is working correctly from today. Due to this update, manual updating option was removed, as no longer needed. If you notice any problems with the website, please report them to me or the others from website team.

Barto222229 and Meneer Naab are helping me to run the website and keep the list up to date and rulebreaker-free. You can contact them anytime ingame.

Can't find yourself on the list? Send an e-mail to gop.comp@gmail.com.

Still no response? Spam my personal e-mail marekruzicka4@gmail.com. Note that rulebreakers are not allowed on these Hiscores.

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