Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you add my account to the Hiscores?

If your account is F2P only (never been a member), of course I can! Make sure to e-mail me with your Runescape name.

Q: How can I contact you Ruli?

You can also send an e-mail or

Q: Can I contribute to website?

I am more of a "solo player" so I like to have done the work by myself. However, if you wish to help me in any way you always can, as there is still much to improve. :)

Q: Is everything on your website updated dynamically?

Most of the website is. However, there are some static parts. Achievements are static, because they were achieved already and won't change anymore. This includes the 200m list. The rest of the website is dynamic. Due to many errors during last years in updating, record section is not updated automatically anymore. Please contact me or Barto/Meneer in case you want to be added as record holder.

Q: Runeclan or another website tracked a greater 24h gain than your website, can you update it manually?

Runeclan is fine but many websites are very buggy, so I stopped using most data from these sites. If its a valid record then I can of course.

Q: What do different name colors mean on the Hiscores?

Each color represents different types of players:
Regular players
People who went P2P (only appear in 200m/achievement lists)
Inactive players who do not appear on the official RS Hiscores

Q: Why do some people have "weird" Hiscores pages, e.g. their stats and Total level (xp) do not correspond?

Players with such Hiscores are mostly inactive and we do not know what their stats are, but we know that they are, for example, 200m XP in a skill. These stats are updated manually until they (hopefully) are active again.

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